Virtual Reality

Creating Immersive Experiences


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As a creator, I harness the power of virtual reality to design truly immersive experiences that engage and captivate audiences. Utilizing my deep knowledge of the natural world with advanced tools and software, I combine our artistic vision with cutting-edge technology to develop XR experiences and interactive environments that transport users to new realms. The approach focuses on crafting experimental yet realistic and intuitive worlds that allow people to explore, connect, and through expereince gain a deeper understanding of the themsleves.

Circular Fashion Summit 2021 / VR Event

Carriberrie / WebVR Experience

Coral & I / VR Art Experience

Qride / Themepark VR Ride

Infiniti / Carshow VR Experience

University of Queensland GCI / XR Event

Circular Fashion Summit 2020 / VR Event

Kensaku Kakimoto / WebVR Gallery